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The Tunisia Adventure

I’m following a photographer on Instagram (@stefanalfons) who had an offer in his Story: Anybody who would want to join him on his Tunisia adventure could sent him a message. I did. I sent him a short text message about me and just a few days later he contacted me asking if we could talk on the phone, we had a chat and the next day I confirmed that I‘ll be joining him. A foreign person I’ve never met before. But the same thing counted for him as well. So we had something in common I guess.

Friday the next week we met the first time at his place. It was so exciting! We talked a bit, went out to grab some dinner and a few beers with his friends, loaded the car and went to bed. We woke up at 4.30 the next morning because we still had a lot of things to be done, finally left at 7am and reached Genova after ~5hrs, took the 24hr Ferry to Tunis (capital of Tunsia) and there we were - "Northern Africa! Damn, how did that happen that quick?" - I thought.

A social experiment has started! 24/7 with an unfamiliar person not just in a room but also traveling and basically sharing life with. It wasn’t just a journey to get to know the country but also about  what would happen with us as humans.

Cutting it down short, it was super intense and absolutely worth it. I'd say we handled it all pretty well and had a lota fun!

Or even that it resulted in a friendship. Because even though we started as strangers, adventures like this weld together and only your travel mate can relate to the feelings, impressions and experiences you've had on your journey. And to be able to share and talk about this is probably one of the most important things to do.





This video wasn't planned at all so no use of high tech equipment or stabilizers ;) Maybe next time tho!

Film and Edit by: Robin Weindl

Other Dude: Stefan Alfons http://stefanalfons.com/